[Guide] Character Intro.


1. Warrior

Warriors have strong will and bodies. They have super high defense and HP, great melee skills, and are masters with swords. All enemies will shiver at their powerful presence! !


Skill: Inferno Judgment
Effect: With the swing of the sword, and the burst of power, enemies are consumed by the fire from inferno.
ATK: ★★★ DEF: ★★★★★
HP: ★★★★★ Speed: ★★★

2. Mage

They are noble wizards of magic and command the elements. Mages deal great damage with magic. Whenever they cast a spell, groups of enemies are destroyed. They play an essential role in any group battles and are the worst nightmare of their enemies! !


Skill: Water Prison
Effect: With the wave of a wand, a mage commands water to form a giant prison that chokes enemies to death.
ATK: ★★★★★ DEF: ★★★★
HP: ★★★ Speed: ★★★★

3. Hunter

With a otherworldly appearance, hunters have the best long range shooting skills. High Crit and DMG mean no enemy can escape their pursuit! Just like the bullets they fire, hunters are the heroes that pierce through all darkness.


Skill: Death Ray
Effect: The pull of trigger generates a bursting ray that eliminates any enemy on its path.
ATK: ★★★★ DEF: ★★★
HP: ★★★★ Speed: ★★★★★

Shadowbound Team