SHB Events from 1/24/17 to 1/6/17 (Part Four)


SHB Events from 1/24/17 to 1/6/17 (Part Four)

1. Cumulative Spending
Duration: 1/24 00:00 - 1/26 23:59 (Server time, not for new servers)
Description: spend a certain required amount to get fantastic rewards.
Click the Hot Events icon to enter.
Diamonds Spent Rewards Amount Rewards Amount Rewards Amount Rewards Amount
1K Gold 312K Ember Grass 13 Aid Pill 117 Flowers 99
4K Gold 546K Ember Grass 40 Aid Pill 377 Elemental Particle Pack 40
8K Gold 936K Ember Grass 55 Aid Pill 525 Elemental Particle Pack 42
15K Gold 1.872M Ember Grass 100 Aid Pill 936 Elemental Particle Pack 125
30K Gold 3.9M Ember Grass 250 Aid Pill 2249 Elemental Particle Pack 300
60K Gold 9.36M Ember Grass 530 Aid Pill 4784 Elemental Particle Pack 625

2. Lucky Spin
Duration: 1/24 00:00 - 1/26 23:59 (Server Time)
Description: Spin the wheel in Lucky Spin to get random rewards. There’s a chance to get Butterfly Wings · Storm Shards, Love Panda Shards, Beast Soul materials and more!
Click the Lucky Spin icon to enter.

3. Crazy Cards
Duration: 1/24 00:00 - 1/26 23:59 (Server Time)
Description: During the event you can get cards through chests and exchange them for great rewards.
a、Draw random cards from Magical Chests and earn points accordingly. The more precious the cards, the more points you will get.
b、Swap cards for rewards or split them for Card Points. Card Points can be swapped for cards.
c、Special cards 7, A, Black Jokers, and Red Jokers cannot be obtained by swapping points.
d、Reach the required amount of points and rank in the top 30 to earn fantastic rewards. Points will reset after the event ends.
e、Remaining cards and card points can be used in future Crazy Cards events.
Rewards: Greedy Soul Shard, Golden Lord Shard and more.